APAKSH (Hyderabad, India)
Public Private partnership, Build Own operate, NGN, Broadband IP network on OFC platform in JV with APTS, representing GoAP providing e-governance, GoAP connectivity and Broadband to citizens.

Air-Stream Wireless (Adelaide, Australia) Air-Stream Wireless is a non-profit community group who are using wireless and open source technologies to deploy a Wide Area Network (WAN) in order to facilitate community participation, local content and communications.

Akwapin Community Wireless (Akwapim North, Ghana) The Akwapim Community Wireless Network is an open-architecture mesh network that uses WiFi technology and open-source software to share Internet access. The network currently has seven nodes, and spreads out over a 45km range, offering connectivity to schools and community activity centers throughout six villages in the mountainous Akwapim North district of Ghana’s Eastern Region.

AllCoNet (Cumberland, United States) AllCoNet is an open access public network that provides carrier class telecommunication services to public, non-profit and private sector organizations in Allegany County Maryland.

Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (Athens, Greece) Started in 2002 in Athens Greece, Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) is a grass roots wireless community, taking advantage of new, state of the art wireless technologies, to connect people and services. It now covers an area approximately 100km x 100 km and operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Beckley Service Area Local Community Public-Use Network (temporary) (Beckley, United States) The Beckley Service Area Local Community Public-Use Network(sm) (LCPNsm) is a fiber-to-the-premise, ultra-high capacity, open access network delivering 100Mbps symmetrical capacity connecting residences, businesses, government, and institutions and available for use by all service providers. The LCPN is operated in a manner that encourages competition for existing retail services and new services/applications and provides a foundation for economic and community development.

CAATEC (Zapote, Costa Rica)

Colpoker1127 (Knysna, South Africa)

Connected Communities Wireless Broadband Network (Stornoway, United Kingdom) A unique network serving remote communities across the 11 populated islands in the Hebrides of Scotland. The network which serves the Health Service (WINHS), Local Authority including schools, the business community, voluntary sector and residents of the Western Isles is focused on Economic Development.

DIIRWB (Roende, Denmark) As mirror to the “Networking Djursland” DIIRWB is formed to hand on knowledge from creating and other good community networks around the globe. Here students, both from rural areas and from impoverished urban areas, will learn – in a most practical manner – how to build and run good community networks, with broadband access to the global information society. The emphasis of the teaching is on bridging the technological and social divide by own means and self-organizing, to enable a self-sufficient participation on equal terms in the global information society, so that those who otherwise would be left behind in poverty – by their own power – can become master of their own destiny and improve the quality of life for them self, their area and the world at large. There will be training at short and long courses in 1) organizing, 2) administration, 3) tools and equipment, 4) net-planning and –building, 5) web-portal building 6) user-support and 7) handling of routers and servers.

Dharamsala Community Wireless Mesh Network (Upper Dharamsala., India) The Dharamsala Community Wireless Mesh Network interconnects more than 2,500 computers, located within a 50 Km. radius around Dharamsala, using 30 locally-developed routers based on modified low-cost consumer hardware and locally-developed software. The network offers a wide variety of services to its users, including broadband Internet access, VoIP-based telephone services, file sharing, and offsite backup. The network’s capabilities and its outstanding affordability demonstrate a well-tested and replicable model for other rural communities in the developing world.

EPON-BPL Hybrid Network (Manassas, USA) A little slow (1.1Mbps), since G1 LV repeaters are used

FunkFeuer (Austria) Funkfeuer is a free, experimental network in Vienna, Graz, in parts of Weinviertel (NÖ) and Bad Ischl. It is build and maintained by computer enthusiasts. This project is non commercial. Located in Catalonia, Spain, is the largest community network of its kind in the world using unlicensed wireless links and open optical links.   It is open and neutral with over 21,400 nodes and self-organised and operated by the users in the community.

Hot City Wireless (Edison, United States) A wireless community base network. A community of self learners.

International Network of E-Communities (Eindhoven, NL) The aim of INEC is to promote, facilitate and institutionalize cooperation by means of exchange, best practice programs, business development, missions, benchmarking tools, and joint project implementation.

JoziWeb (Johannesburg, South Africa) The City of Joburg network has evolved in two phases. In the current phase the City already has its own licensed Private Telecoms Network licence and spectrum within 5GHz and 18GHz spectrum bands for last mile and backhaul and is in the process of replacing costly internal telecommunications lines with its own wireless solution. It is important to note that at stage the network has been developed for internal City use. In the next phase the City of Joburg intends to enable the development of a wireless broadband infrastructure network (in conjunction with fibre and Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technology) to be made available for common use on a “wholesale” basis. The city will then become an anchor client on this infrastructure and then capacity is to be made available to be sold onto private service providers and to service underserviced areas, schools etc.

Loma Linda Connected Community Network (Loma Linda, USA) Four Quadrents of self healing metropolitan fiber rings with fiber distribution to each home. Accompanied by a internal structured wireing all mandated by law.

MalarnetCity (Vasteras, Sweden) A fibrenetwork with FTTH with appr. 40 000 pcs of outlets. Use by private persons organisations and SME, ME and E. We deliver regulary 10 – 100 Mbps to each outlet or 1 000/10 000 Mbps by offer. We offer connection to several ISP’s and Operators in a competitive way.

Mozambique (Nampula, Mozambique) A pilot project with National Government, connecting several sites in the Nampula Province in Mozambique

NYCWireless (New York, United States ) NYCwireless is a non-profit organization that advocates and enables the growth of free, public wireless Internet access in New York City and surrounding areas. NYCwireless, founded in 2001, is an all-volunteer organization with seven (7) board members, five (5) special interest working groups and approximately sixty (60) active members.

Nepal Wireless Networking Project (Nangi 2, Ramche VDC, Nepal) Nepal Wireless Networking Project is a not-for-profit making project aimed to bring the maximum benefits of information technology in the remote villages of Nepal, where there is almost no chance to get the communication, education, medical services through the government of Nepal or any other companies in near future. Despite the worsening political unrest in Nepal, it is progressing slowly and the network is expanding to more and more villages.

ONS Net (Nuenen, Netherlands) Customerowned Fiber to the Homenetwork. 7500 house, schools, churches, docters, medical specialist, hospitals, sportcantinas connected. The real Connected Community. Testbed for several mulitinationals (inc. Philips, Rabobank) to test real broadbandservices

Peables Valley (White River, South Africa) Deep rural grassroots network linking AIDS clinic to local school, farmers and businesses

Sainet (Lappeenranta, Finland) Open access network that provides multiple service providers and also gives free local content.

Stellenbosch Wireless User Group (Stellenbosch, South Africa)We are interested in creating a free, public and open network, using IEEE 802.11 (“Wi-Fi” or wireless) technology. What sets our network apart, from other similar networks, is the fact that it is and will stay free for public non-commercial use.

The Brighton Metranet (Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom) The Brighton Metranet is a wireless metropolitan intranet covering the city in a pre-WiMAX cloud. It was built with the cooperation and backing of Brighton & Hove City Council and The University of Sussex. As a result of this work thousands of students now have access to the internet where they didn’t previously.

UTOPIA (West Valley City, United States) UTOPIA is a political subdivision of the State of Utah created by 14 Utah municipalities to build a wholesale fiber to the premises (FTTP) telecommunications network. The network is an open network allowing multiple service providers to offer competitve services, including voice, video, and data to all of the residence and businesses within the 14 communities.

UniNet Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa) A Wireless Network Covering 80% of the Greater Cape Town Area, including Sommerset West, Stellenbosch, Durbanville.

WIST Telecom Cooperative (Laka, Poland) WIST was established in 1990 as the first independent telephone provider in rural Poland. The cooperative started with 250 members and has grown to over 8,000 members providing 10,000 access lines as well as both dial-up and broadband Internet to its region in southeastern Poland, near Rzeszow.

Wireless Ghana (Accra, Ghana) Wireless Ghana help in building community wireless networks in rural parts of Ghana.

Zipp Network (Ephrata, United States ) Active gigabit ethernet fiber to the premises providing wholesale open access for service providers to offer retail services to end-users.

eLegis Refernce System (Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines) It is a database of all the local legislations of 1,616 Local Government Units nationwide. It is also a focal point for participative governance where the general public and the local officials can interact in a public forum.

olsrexperiment (Berlin, Germany) olsrexperiment in Berlin is a huge non-profit community built metropolitan mesh network with over 370 nodes, all owned by individuals. olsrexperiment is the name of the local freifunk community project ( The network is completetly based on the principals of the pico peering agreement (

panOULU (Oulu, Finland ) panOULU is a citywide WiFi network in Oulu, Finland, providing open and free wireless broadband internet access to the general public. Stellenbosch (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

wifiphilly (Philadelphia, United States) 135 sq mile citywide wifi meshed network.

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