What action is the Foundation taking?

Ongoing programme of activities of the OPLAN Foundation

The OPLAN foundation is a proud partner in Project CONFINE. The project develops a unified access to an open testbed with tools that allow researchers to deploy, run, monitor and experiment with services,protocols and applications on real-world community IP networks. This integrated platform will provide user-friendly access to these emerging networks supporting any stakeholder interested in developing and testing experimental technologies for open and interoperable network infrastructures,strengthening open community networks.

In addition to CONFINE,  there are already many activities and concepts being discussed and researched by the Directors.

  • secure major speaking engagements
  • development and circulation of simple educational material for schools (multi-language translations)
  • focussed targeting of civic leaders and local government organisations to appraise them of OPLAN benefits
  • targeted conference for property developers and housing associations encouraging ab initio OPLAN development
  • political briefings and lobbying wherever major changes in telecoms regulation are imminent
  • positioning the Foundation with major broadcasters and media as the independent and informed commentator of choice
  • creating news and feature stories with strong ‘human content’ (not technical) around OPLAN developments worldwide
  • promoting and publicising OPLAN exemplars around the world of all types as and when they arise
  • taking a head-on, no holds barred, stance against vertically integrated telcos opposing OPLAN developments
  • where appropriate, supporting OPLANs in defending any legal challenge
  • holding ‘invitation only’ conferences and briefing sessions for industrial leaders and opinion formers
  • building an accessible database of OPLAN experiences and identifiable socio-economic benefits
  • acquiring strategic fibre infrastructure to be made openly available on OPLAN principles on self-sustaining terms

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