About the Foundation

The Foundation’s primary goal is to do as we say, “open minds to open networks” … the minds of individuals, corporations and organisations anywhere in the world … anyone who has the ears to listen and eyes to see.

The Foundation is an independent, non-political and not-for-profit organisation that seeks to build greater and wider awareness and understanding of the massive social and economic benefits that OPLANs will deliver to their communities. Incredible enterprise and initiative is already being undertaken by individuals, groups and local municipalities and communities across the world as they develop their own OPLANs in one form or another. Using various technologies organised in any number of ways, they all share the common priority of serving the interests of those in that community connected to that OPLAN before anything or anyone else.

The Foundation aims to provide these widely dispersed OPLANs with a ‘meta-community’ which will not only become an evolving shared mutual resource network but The Foundation will also provide them with a higher profile and a greater combined visibility. It is important that opinion leaders, public policy makers and the media around the world come to appreciate that all these local OPLAN initiatives constitute the first stirrings of a mighty move by citizens and communities to reap for themselves the full value and benefit of the wondrous digital technologies of the information and communications age. Only in the hands of everyone through the deployment of OPLANs will these technologies of digital abundance yield the countless undreamed of further innovations and deployments which the creative genius of men, women and children have the means to discover and deliver. Those to derive the greatest ‘profit’ and ‘value’ from the deployment of the new information and communication technologies of abundance should, as with earlier technological revolutions, be the users themselves. Why? Because that’s in everyone’s best interest!

Download the OPLAN White Paper here.

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