Some interesting reading from Tim Berners- Lee…

I have just come across this article by Tim Berners-Lee and it really is worth working through.

It helps provide a richer background of understanding to the fundamentals and strategy of OPLANs.  In particular, at the end, there is a link to the section on Net Neutrality which in turn, links to Susan Crawford and her interview with Ezra Klein.

This is very pertinent in that it makes the right arguments for what we describe as the OPLAN model. However,  it does wrongly (in my view) propose that State intervention is the way to get there.

The core OPLAN Foundation view is that there is a private-sector, free-market route to this desirable open-access/net-neutral goal in the local context and that that once demonstrated, will become obvious to all (including the telco/cable sectors and their investors!) and become the new business model for emulation in communities around the world.

MJM 07/06/14

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