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Four Lessons on Broadband Connectivity that we just do not learn

This was the title of a presentation given by Malcolm Matson of The OPLAN Foundation to an ERISA ‘round table’ meeting held in Brussels in September 2011.   (ERISA – The European Regional Information Society Association, uses the tools of … Continue reading

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Multiplying the Digital Divide

It is clear that there is a growing awakening amongst a new generation of visionary and e-enlightened local politicians in cities and communities around the world that their future well being and prosperity – social and economic – will in … Continue reading

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WiFi – Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

Well, sadly the summer vacation at our house in rural France is over and I am back to reality and London – and I have no shortage of OPLAN relevant material and events on which to comment!  First I should … Continue reading

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Wireless Openings

The beginning of July 2007 held two things which caught my attention and may prove to be an interesting milestone in the road towards open access.  The first was big-scale.  Last week Mr Kevin Martin, the chairman of the US … Continue reading

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Battle of business models

I am prompted to write as a result of a vigorous discussion that has been going on for some days on the topic of “Economic Sustainability of Community Wireless” on the forum of the World Summit on Free Information Infrastructure … Continue reading

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Caveat Sweden!

It should be no surprise to anyone to hear again from me that I regard Sweden as one of (if not the) most advanced countries in the world in terms of OPLAN development and deployment.  As is always the case, being … Continue reading

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Bacon & Eggs

Three things engaged my attention yesterday.  The most important was the informal gathering of the working group on Broadband within the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum -TeleCities, to which I had been invited.  Meeting in Brussels it was one of, if not … Continue reading

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Surfing the Internet and Cerfing OPLANs

Some time ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Vinton Cerf (Vint) – one of the ‘fathers of the internet’ who played such a vital role in creating the TCP/IP protocol that underpins it.  He now holds the post … Continue reading

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“Content” as ‘inside a beer can’ or “Content” as when I’ve drunk it?

(The ‘punch line’ of this blog entry – is read this! ) I have long proclaimed that in the emerging world of abundant connectivity that the digital technologies combine to deliver – that any business model that differentiates between “content creators” … Continue reading

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Surprise, surprise!   I hate saying, “I told you so!”, but when on 5th April the US lawmakers refused to agree that the government should take steps to prevent telephone companies from establishing a two-tiered Internet by charging large content providers … Continue reading

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